Fitness will mean different things to different people. From a first timer wanting to improve health and fitness to an athlete training for sports, I cater for any fitness ability. With a fresh approach to programming and tailoring session plans specifically for your individual needs, likes and dislkes and goals.

Whether you would like to train in a gym, at home or out and about or a mixture of all three, and with or without me to help encourage at every session we can plan out your training diary together with reviews to monitor progress.

The most important aspect of what I do is to keep you motivated to become and remain fit and healthy and ensure that exercise is fun as well as effective with a variety of training methods and environments.

Combined with a look at your diet and some guidance in this area, any improvement on fitness levels and general health as well as changing body shape, improving muscle tone and losing weight are easily acheivable if you have the determination to succeed and the know how. 

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